Tangshan Chinawares Trading Co., Ltd.


Designs, Develops, Produces And Sells 

Daily-Use Porcelains



The company mainly designs, develops, produces and sells daily-use porcelains, comprising hundreds of Chinese and western dinnerware set, coffee set, tea set, office ware and business gifts. 

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Business Philosophy

1. Enterprise spirit, quality first.
2. Quality first, customer first; complement each other and create prosperity together.
3. Create attractive quality and create a loyal customer base.
4. Customer first, reform and truth-seeking, people-oriented, united and enterprising.
5. People's abilities are limited, and people's efforts are limitless.
6. Quality and safety, the source of corporate life.
7. No matter how busy the production is, it is safe to forget; no matter how much the output, the quality is not forgotten.
8. Efficiency is life and quality is fundamental.
9. Implement the ISO9000 standard and standardize corporate management practices.
10. Play the scientific effect of ISO9000 and promote enterprises to a new level.
11. Entering the quality world, bringing unlimited business opportunities.
12. Construct a management system that integrates quality, environment and safety.
13. Enhance quality awareness and strengthen safety concepts.
14. The environment is elegant and benefits everyone.
15. Safe to do well, life is guaranteed.
16. Safe, energy efficient, efficient and high quality.
17. Standardize the quality, certification tree image.
18. Carry out system certification and build a first-class enterprise.
19. Quality for survival, certification for the market.